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July 22, 2016

Our first #inspiredby post will be focusing on the amazing artist Alicja Kwade.

"When Alicja was young, her father didn't tell her the usual fairytales at bedtime. Often, just as she was falling asleep he'd say things like, 'Just imagine space is endless'.

And she did, and she still does." - (  

If you have been following us on instagram (@twinwithin) we recently shared a beautiful photograph of Alicja's work, we got a lot of feedback and thought it would be more than fitting to feature her work in our first #inspiredby post.

Alicja is a Berlin based artist that primarily works with sculpture and installations but often straying into photography and video. What is so captivating with her work is her play with reality and illusion, she will explore infinite possibilities with every-day objects.

We are totally in love with the overall aesthetic and visual impact of her work, enjoy more of her amazing work here: 

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